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Focus on Customized processing of high-quality aluminum profiles

For more than 20 years, we have focused on customized processing of high-quality aluminum profiles. The company has a plant area of 5,000 square meters, more than 200 various technical employees, and more than 80 sets of advanced equipment for various CNC machine metal stamping and processing equipment. The company’s products are widely used in: automobiles , Lighting, electronics, construction and other industries!

Own oxidation plant Independently control oxidation production and provide one-stop service!

Self-owned aluminum profile factory, mold factory, radiator processing base, oxidation factory, etc., provide one-stop service from raw materials to surface treatment to ensure product quality from the source and guaranteed delivery.

Through cities across the country The cooperation of dedicated logistics can effectively reduce transportation costs!

Chicco has reached cooperation with local dedicated line logistics in major cities across the country to effectively reduce the excess costs caused by long-distance transportation for foreign customers, while ensuring delivery.

Guaranteed after-sales service Damaged during the production process, unconditional rework!

Chicco 7*8 hours one-to-one documentary service, the first time you solve your technical doubts. If the product is damaged during your production process, our company promises to help rework unconditionally!
Control the purchase cost from the source, and the raw materials will be less affected by the market, helping you save money!


Dongguan Zhigao Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dongguan Zhigao") is a professional radiator manufacturer and an exporter of medium and high-end radiators. It is the only company in Dongguan that provides integrated heat dissipation services from raw materials to processing and surface treatment in all aspects. Manufacturer. Founded in 2004, the predecessor was Shengguan Hardware Processing Factory located in Chang'an Town, Dongguan City;

Moved to Xiniupo Industrial Zone, Dalang Town, Dongguan since March 2008, and changed its name to "Dongguan Zhigao Industrial Co., Ltd.", self-built plant, with a plant area of 5000 square meters, more than 200 various technical staff, various CNC machines Hardware stamping and processing equipment such as: CNC machining center, punching machine, milling machine, drilling machine, tapping machine, sawing machine, grinding machine, welding machine and other supporting advanced equipment more than 80 sets.

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